Xanax is a minor tranquilizer and is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and panic attacks. Xanax, the brand name for the alprazolam and it can be obtained only on a private prescription in the UK. According to recently published data, the UK is the second-largest market for untraceable online sales of Xanax in the world. Only the US has a higher proportion of trades – half of all Xanax online sales are made there. Yes, you can buy Xanax online in the UK without prescription but always choose trusted and safe e-pharmacies and consult your doctor before you start to use this medicine. 

Xanax dosage

Mostly adult patients start on a low dosage of Xanax for the first 3 to 4 days of their prescription. Later the dose will be increased. If Xanax is used to treat anxiety, the adults are generally provided 0.25 to 0.5 mg approximately three times a day. Patients who are using the drug to treat panic attacks are usually given 4 mg daily.

The lowest dose of Xanax is 0.25 mg per day and the common frequency of taking the drug is 3-4 times per day, a minimum of once in the morning. A maximum dose of Xanax needs to not surpass 10 mg daily. Do not squash, break or chew your tablets when you consume your dosage to avoid your dosage entering your system too rapidly and causing a negative response. In case you will miss out on a dosage, take it as quickly as possible but not if it is close to the point where you must take your next dose. Never double up dosages to make up for those you have missed. 

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What to do if you take expired Xanax?

Like all other medicine, Xanax to have an expiration date. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about this issue and ask them to explain if it is safe or not. Of course, there is the possibility that if you take expired Xanax, it won’t be as effective as it should be. Currently, there is no data indicating of expired medicines leading to toxic outcomes for patients. Xanax tablets and capsules appear to be the most stable past their expiration date.

Besides, if you store Xanax properly you can extend its potency. A lot of people store their medications in the bathroom, but that is not the right place because of the humidity. Exposure to moisture can shorten the shelf life of Xanax and other tablet or capsule form medications. You should store your medications in cool, dry places away from direct light, for example in the freezer.

Xanax is a commonly abused drug; there are potential risks that can come from keeping expired Xanax in your home. Keep it away from children and pets. It is risky as they can get it accidentally. The best way is to take your expired medicine back to the pharmacy. They have procedures set up to properly dispose of your unused medicines.